Too loooooooong for an update


Hey everyone. Well we have been on the road now for over 14 days and took a siesta in Banff Alberta. A truly amazing Canadian National Park. We met our ladies here last week and did many local day trips exploring mountains, lakes, glaciers and canyons. We even got to see a black bear and a grizzly bear in the same day. The black bear was almost too close but didn't really care about us on our bikes. The grizzly we saw was on a mountain 100 yards away.  

  With little internet access and time for technological computers we have finally launced our kickstarted campaign. Check out our link on the website. There is a couple of small videos and photos with our gear. We are very happy how the adventure roll and direction wallet have been holding up. Honestly I won't leave home again without that adventure roll. The unlimited uses are handy and works for both me and the bird. We have used it so far for a picnic blanket, repair pad, sun cover, poncho, bedroll and so forth. I love this thing. 


Today we will be heading to Jasper which is North of Banff.  The area up there is a little more remote and more wildlife activity. We are prepared as much as one can be for bears. Hopefully we will not have any conflicts Along the way we will stop at a place called the "Icefields" . I've seen photos and cannot wait to walk around here. We will post photos via instagram, facebook and here when we get service. The service up here has been on and off. Plus we are camping most of the time making blogging hard to do. Keep following us though and well update when we can. 

We will be up in Jasper for 2-3 days, then heading back to the states through Montana and working our way up to the boundary waters in Minnesota and then to the UP in Michigan. Many things along that route as well. I'm gunna be better at blogging too with cool stories and more pics.  Thanks

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"it's about the adventure" 



Sean Gilligan

Sean Gilligan and Justin C Knapp, each bring years of experience from varying backgrounds to contribute to the success and innovation of Cotter Pin. Sean brings an extensive knowledge of exceeding clients expectations, creating compelling visual narratives and understanding the sustained focus required of being an entrepreneur from his 20+ year background as a Commercial Photographer. Justin also has an impressive repeat client list, a rich knowledge of materials from his experience in finish carpentry/exhibit installation and a true appreciation for & dedication to the love of quality craftmanship. Both men bring a high level of detail orientation to their product design, respect deadlines and all of the vendors they have the pleasure of working with. Cotter Pin is founded on principles of collaboration and creating products which encourage all people to spend time outside, enjoying "the simple things" and appreciating natural beauty. Sean and Justin are both avid nature lovers, who believe that spending time outside is the best remedy to many of society ills.