The adventure continues in 2014!

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. 2014. A brand new year has begun and no doubt there are more adventures to come- local and global. Who would have known that a discussion one year ago at the local bar about vintage bags would turn into something so real for us?

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In 2013, we set about to turn our passion for riding and our dreams of making our own motorcycle gear into a reality. Now, one year later, Cotter Pin Gear is a burgeoning company making travel and adventure gear for bikes and beyond. 2013 was filled with lots of great memories for us, from the founding of our company to our epic cross-country trip in August, from the launch of our website to finalizing our products for sale.

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Now, 2014 is off to a great start, with a full-feature article on Cotter Pin Gear in Issue 12 of Iron and Air Magazine. (See PRESS  to view full article PDF) We are supremely thankful for all the support that has come our way and honored to be a part of Iron and Air Magazine. We want to thank Adam and Brett at Iron and Air for inviting us to do the article and to our friend Chris Logsdon for conducting the interview. Check out Issue 12 of Iron and Air Magazine now, in print and online.

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2014 will bring many more new things for Cotter Pin Gear, including the release of our handcrafted 4-panel Tool Book, which will be available in the next few days. The Tool Book is Cotter Pin’s third piece in our growing collection of original designed products. Stay tuned for the release of additional products, more collaborations with our friends and colleagues, and great stories from our future adventures!


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

                                                                                                Henry David Thoreau

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Sean Gilligan

Sean Gilligan and Justin C Knapp, each bring years of experience from varying backgrounds to contribute to the success and innovation of Cotter Pin. Sean brings an extensive knowledge of exceeding clients expectations, creating compelling visual narratives and understanding the sustained focus required of being an entrepreneur from his 20+ year background as a Commercial Photographer. Justin also has an impressive repeat client list, a rich knowledge of materials from his experience in finish carpentry/exhibit installation and a true appreciation for & dedication to the love of quality craftmanship. Both men bring a high level of detail orientation to their product design, respect deadlines and all of the vendors they have the pleasure of working with. Cotter Pin is founded on principles of collaboration and creating products which encourage all people to spend time outside, enjoying "the simple things" and appreciating natural beauty. Sean and Justin are both avid nature lovers, who believe that spending time outside is the best remedy to many of society ills.