A book everyone should have...


Cotter Pin Gear is proud to announce the release of “The Original Tool Book”. This is the first product we started developing and the last one to be completed of the three products currently released. This beauty is made from Martexin waxed canvas with topnotch leather binding. It’s double layered as well making it even more durable with two-toned colors. The exterior is sage and the interior is brown. Combined, these colors make for an attractive Tool Book indeed. There are also two adjustable thick leather straps to keep the Book closed or to possibly strap it on a bike (at your own risk). The interior of the Tool Book is broken up into four sections with pockets that can hold a multitude of different tools. For example, our personal Tool Books are packed with a ratchet (ratchet slip has hidden magnet to prevent slipping out! COOL!), sockets, Allen keys, screwdriver bits, wrenches, pliers, air gauges, grease pencils and numerous other items that come in handy out on the road. On one side there is also a large zipper pocket that can hold miscellaneous items of your choosing. 


Some of you have asked if tools are included with the Tool Book. At this moment, they are not. Most riders are picky about what they want to pack on a trip and what kind of tools their motorcycle or car may need.  The Tool Book is designed to accommodate the owner’s personal set of tools. We are very happy with the Tool Book and stand behind the solid craftsmanship of this and all our products. Check it out on the shop page and add this to your collection of handcrafted products from Cotter Pin Gear. You won’t be disappointed!



Sean Gilligan

Sean Gilligan and Justin C Knapp, each bring years of experience from varying backgrounds to contribute to the success and innovation of Cotter Pin. Sean brings an extensive knowledge of exceeding clients expectations, creating compelling visual narratives and understanding the sustained focus required of being an entrepreneur from his 20+ year background as a Commercial Photographer. Justin also has an impressive repeat client list, a rich knowledge of materials from his experience in finish carpentry/exhibit installation and a true appreciation for & dedication to the love of quality craftmanship. Both men bring a high level of detail orientation to their product design, respect deadlines and all of the vendors they have the pleasure of working with. Cotter Pin is founded on principles of collaboration and creating products which encourage all people to spend time outside, enjoying "the simple things" and appreciating natural beauty. Sean and Justin are both avid nature lovers, who believe that spending time outside is the best remedy to many of society ills.