After the show..

The snow has finally melted here in New York City and yet we’re told there is more on the way. Another 4-8 inches to be exact. Once again, our hopes that warmer temperatures and spring being right around the corner have been dashed. Only Mother Nature knows when it will be riding weather again.


Well its been nearly a month now since The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon. What an amazing experience, with so many great people, custom bikes, music, booze and all around fun. Even the 80 Year Storm, which pretty much shut the city down, couldn’t put a damper on the event. Coming from the midwest, I have never seen a city that wasn’t prepared to handle snow; but then again it rarely snows in Portland so why would they have needed plows before? 


Anyways we had such a great time in Portland meeting new people, seeing old friends, eating good food, drinking great coffee and absorbing all the eye candy of custom motorcycles that The One Moto Show had to offer. Everything from custom airheads to tricked out CB’s engaged our attention. See See really knows how to put on an amazing show even with the weather being so off. They also make a decent cup of coffee over at their Portland coffee shop. All in all Portland is an amazing city with a solid motorcycle scene that I could see myself spending a significant amount of time in. 


Now were back in Brooklyn fulfilling orders for the recently-released Tool Book. These bomb-proof books have been a hit to our overseas fans and followers. It makes us think more about potential rides and adventures overseas. Someday we will reach those places.

Stay tuned for the details on updates to one of our products this week, as well as future developments and new products here at Cotter Pin. We are back in the designing room working on some cool new products that will be big brothers to our current products. In the meantime, if you also find yourself still in winter weather, keep sippin that coffee and working on those projects, whether they be motorcycles, cars, airstreams, furniture, art projects, etc. If you’re like us, we are getting to the part where our fingernails are gone and those motors need to be in the wind. 




Cotter Pin Team