VIDEO: Winter Moto Camp | A Cotter Pin Gear & FosterBuilt Production.

Winter Moto Camp is a gathering of the minds in the great wilds of winter! It’s a celebration of modern and classic craft, and community. A grassroots happening where ideas are shared, a fire burns bright, food is cooked and all kinds of wheels are turning. Visit our contributors page to get an idea of who attended this year.

On paper, even on this website, Winter Moto Camp looks like a super fun winter campout with friends. That’s definitely true and did happen. The part that’s hard to articulate into words is the connectivity between people that happened. We originally set out to unite people with a craft they’re proud of in a not-so-typical environment. A sort of show-and-tell with people who make things and are proud of their process and what they produce. Well, that happened too! But, what Winter Moto Camp also became, was an homage to our roots as pioneers, makers, doers and reset some of the human priorities that tend to get lost in modern daily life. Let’s face it, we don’t have to fight for food, shelter and clothing these days. These priorities showed up with our small group in the form of simply working together in the snow to gather wood to build a fire for warmth. Working with our hands to set up a huge vintage military base-camp kitchen tent so we could eat. Sharing our ideas with one another to make our world, our camp, a better place. Without computers, (imagine) we built snow sculptures and came up with time-trial races to entertain ourselves. We climbed trees and went snow-shoeing. We built a campsite tent village in 3 feet of snow to sleep under the trees in freezing temperatures. We unplugged from our incredible lives and paid a visit to where we came from. - yeah, we had zero degree sleeping bags and there were some mp3 players and a few bad-ass spike-nobbed motocross bikes for kicks, but we worked for it. ;)
Winter Moto Camp was an experience of community and connection. No matter what the theme, people show up for a fire. People really show up. And it’s the kind of fire and celebration of who we really are that we look forward to creating again.
Stay tuned here and on Instagram #wintermotocamp for upcoming news and calendar. Hope to see you at the next one.

Winter Moto Camp is a FosterBuilt / Cotter Pin Production.

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Sean Gilligan

Sean Gilligan and Justin C Knapp, each bring years of experience from varying backgrounds to contribute to the success and innovation of Cotter Pin. Sean brings an extensive knowledge of exceeding clients expectations, creating compelling visual narratives and understanding the sustained focus required of being an entrepreneur from his 20+ year background as a Commercial Photographer. Justin also has an impressive repeat client list, a rich knowledge of materials from his experience in finish carpentry/exhibit installation and a true appreciation for & dedication to the love of quality craftmanship. Both men bring a high level of detail orientation to their product design, respect deadlines and all of the vendors they have the pleasure of working with. Cotter Pin is founded on principles of collaboration and creating products which encourage all people to spend time outside, enjoying "the simple things" and appreciating natural beauty. Sean and Justin are both avid nature lovers, who believe that spending time outside is the best remedy to many of society ills.